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Maldives : Center Atolls

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Reservation Reservation from the 30/09/2014
Duree 7 nights / 6 days
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Maldives : Shark Education

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Princess Haleema

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Reservation Reservation from the 10/10/2014
Duree 10 nights / 9 days
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When breathing becomes a pleasure...

At Seafari our scuba diving passion is the one we share with our clients. Our mission is to help you discover wonderful sites and blow your mind in total safety and a warm and welcoming atmosphere We endeavour to never stop improving our service and equipments in order to make you live unforgetable cruising and diving experiences. We're also caring a lot about our environment in order to protect the treasures of our dive sites and for future generation enjoyment. So don't wait any longer and choose between 6 destination an over 20 circuits to enjoy our numerous travel offers.


Safari Photo & Bio

New Safari Photo and Bio in the Red Sea onboard the Odyssey

From the 20th to the 27th June 2015, a North cruise will take you to discover the mythical wrecks and some of the most impressive walls of the Red sea

With Pascal Baril and Yves Herraud onboard to answer all your questions on UW photography and Marine biology

Turks & Caïcos a Seafari destination

Discover our center in Turks & Caïcos, swim with Jojo the dolphin and dive on its beautiful reefs. Enjoy one of the most beautiful beach in the world (it was elected and all ! ) and the great atmosphere of club med !

Columbus isle by Didier Noirot

Discover or rediscover scuba diving in San Salvador in our center inside the Club Med of Columbus. A wonderful video signed by Didier Noirot. 

Turks & Caïcos

Discover the island of Turks & Caïcos, elected 2nd most beautiful beach in the world.  


Discover the Bahamas, a dreamy destination for scuba diving and farniente.

Discover the Northerns Wrecks of Red Sea

a great vidéo from our friends at ACCROBULLES on the Northern Wrecks in Red sea. Take a glimpse to the many hidden treasures of those mysterious wrecks before maybe going to see them with your own eyes !!!

First Mantas of the season

It's during a night dive that our lucky divers on the Northern Center atolls cruise were able to witness this magical ballet. 

Discover the Marine Park 2014

A glimpse at what the Red sea has best to offer !

Sudan 2015

Discover the new Sudan tour 2015, amazing dive sites and a Seafari team still at it's best for your comfort. The Odyssey awaits you for this exclusive adventure !

A transformed club med in Columbus isle

Stretched across the pristine emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by isolated beaches, Club Med Columbus Isle is a gem of a travel destination. Now, with an announcement of a multi-million dollar expansion and brand new features, this tropical hideaway promises to get even better!
Seafari's partners

Seafari maintains close relations with our many partners. They may be non profit organization protecting the environment or insurance company dedicated to the protection of diver's risk, they all take part in the enhancement of your diving experience and you progress as a more secure and responsible diver. 

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